Services and programs at Boulevard Terrace Rehabilitation & Nursing Center are designed with the resident in mind and are always a reflection of our holistic approach to helping each individual reach his or her maximum potential.

Activities and special events are a major focus for us throughout the year. We understand how important it is for seniors who wish to remain active to do so, even if they are unable to get out into the community regularly. From our annual Mother’s Day Tea to our Thanksgiving Buffet, our activities are well-planned and designed for maximum participation.

Mealtimes are always special at Boulevard Terrace. Excellent, home-cooked meals are served by our caring staff in a pleasant setting, with fresh flowers, tablecloths and music. All of our foods are prepared under the supervision of a registered dietitian and a Certified Dietary Manager, who are specially trained to meet special needs or preferences, including any physician-ordered therapeutic diets.

In addition to round-the-clock attention from our restorative nursing staff, inpatient therapy is a major focus. We offer:
• Physical therapy: Designed to restore muscle strength and improve coordination, it can help control or alleviate acute and chronic pain.
• Occupational therapy: Designed to help individuals recapture the ability to perform basic functions of daily living such as eating, bathing and dressing, as well as ordinary activities such as cooking, doing laundry and playing games.
• Speech therapy: Designed to help those who’ve suffered brain trauma, such as a stroke or injury, to re-train the muscles in the mouth and throat so they can speak and eat properly.

While many of our residents only need general nursing care, we also provide complex medical services including cardiac care, diabetic care, dialysis support, IV therapy, pain management, respiratory services, stroke care and wound management.

Boulevard Terrace is visited regularly by a number of local physicians, and our staff includes a supportive Medical Director as well as a Family Nurse Practitioner. We arrange for on-site routine vision and dental services. Hospice services are among the other programs available for our residents and their families.

Special Programs and Amenities
At Boulevard Terrace, we encourage planned pet visitation within the guidelines of our facility and the state Department of Health. Birds are kept in the facility as part of our therapeutic activity program, and are enjoyed by residents, families and visiting children alike.

Our friendly beauty shop offers salon and barber services for all residents. Manicures are available too. An amplified, large-numbered telephone is available in the beauty shop 24 hours a day.

Worship services are offered at our facility several times weekly.